Manual handling injury claims are for an injury in the workplace when moving any object. Health and Safety Executive reports show manual handling claims make up to one-third of all workplace injuries.

You have a workplace injury compensation claim when you hurt yourself at work. A manual handling claim covers a workplace injury not involving machinery and proper training.

An employer has a duty of care to you, and taking care of health and safety guidelines should be top of their list. The manual handling claims process shows that this does not always happen, and you can claim compensation for the workplace injury.

Your personal injury solicitor seeks to recover damages through a claims process. If you have been injured, and your life impacted by an accident that was someone else’s fault, a claim for compensation seeks financial redress for your injuries and financial losses.

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident and it was not your fault, The Personal Injury Team No Win No Fee solicitors will file your compensation claim and get you the money you deserve.

Manual handling injury claims

What is a manual handling injury claim?

A manual handling injury claim is compensation for a work injury from lifting, moving or shifting an object without using a machine.

You could be pulling and pushing an object or putting it down when the injury happens in a manual handling claim.

If your work involves moving an object from A to B, you should have access to lifting equipment. It is the duty of your employer to provide lifting equipment and full training in using it.

Lifting equipment such as a small trolley is not expensive, but a work injury to your back can be a huge expense to you. You can have a manual handling claim if you injure yourself when moving any object at work.

A No Win No Fee solicitor will make a claim, and determining how the manual handling injury occurred will be their first step.

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How does a manual handling injury occur?

A manual handling injury occurs when you injure yourself moving an object at work. It could be a box of printing paper, a desk across the office or even the PC screen from one room to another. 

You can easily injure yourself at work when you do not know what you are doing. Your employer should carry out risk assessments around all manual handling tasks. Manual handling injuries happen anywhere the employer is negligent in their duty of care to you. 

Manual handling injuries can happen in: 

How does a manual handling injury occur

Manual handing injury occurs at any workplace, including outdoor and offsite areas and the main building of employment. 

Manual handling injuries occur when: 

  • Heavy objects are stored at a height
  • Objects need to be moved over a distance
  • Helping a patient move in a bed or chair
  • Moving irregularly shaped objects
  • Lifting any heavy object
  • Twisting and turning when moving an object

Any lifting work can injure you, and an employer has a duty of care to prevent manual handling injuries. A manual handling claim only occurs because the employer is negligent in that duty of care. 

You take a manual handling injuries claim against those responsible for your work injury. 

Who can be responsible for a manual handling accident?

Your employer is responsible for a manual handling accident claim. If you are self-employed, the person who contracted you is responsible for the personal injury claim. 

It does not matter where the manual handling injury happened. Your employer is responsible for your health and must provide a safe working environment. 

Your employer is responsible for training and providing lifting equipment or enough staff for all lifting or moving jobs. 

You can have a manual handling injury claim when the employer does not: 

  • Provide training in lifting objects
  • Provide lifting equipment for heavier objects
  • Keep the work area clear of heavy objects
  • Give you time to recover between lifting
  • Take your size and ability into account
  • Provide an assistant for heavy lifting
  • Do an adequate risk assessment

An employer’s duty of care to staff is to provide a safe working environment under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Employers creating unsafe conditions will always be responsible for a manual handling claim.

A No Win No Fee agreement solicitor will take your case and use their experience of common types of manual handling injury claims when claiming compensation for the workplace injury.

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    Common types of manual handling injury claims

    Common types of manual handling injury claims include back injuries and muscle tears when lifting. Manual handling compensation claims come from office workers, warehouse operators and across all types of employees. 

    Common types of manual handling injury claims: 

    Back injury when lifting in a storeroom

    Back injury when lifting in a storeroom is a manual handling compensation claim that can happen to any employee. Items in an office storeroom are heavy and can cause a personal injury. 

    An employee, not trained in lifting, is asked to move a box of products or printing paper. When lifting, they suffer a herniated disc that leaves them in pain and a difficulty in walking. 

    The untrained office employee was not shown a duty of care and can make a manual handling injuries claim for the back injury. 

    Back injury compensation claim

    Arm injury in a care home claim

    Arm injury in a care home comes from the repetitive strain of moving patients throughout the day. Care homes are places of employment, and the owner must provide lifting equipment and complete training to all care workers. 

    A nurse suffers a repetitive strain injury from the daily routine of lifting and assisting patients in their care. A repetitive strain injury, RSI, takes time to heal and may have you out of work for weeks or months.

     The care facility owner should ensure staff are fully trained for moving patients. They should provide lifting equipment and train staff to use it. 

    A manual handling claim for injury in a care home will happen if staff do not get the necessary training, rest and equipment.

    Lifting injury on a construction site claim

    Lifting injury on a construction site is not unusual and is a common source of manual handling claims. A construction site sees many dangerous manual handling practices, and the building firm must take due care of all workers.

    A labourer is asked to move blocks without the use of lifting equipment or an assistant. The work causes injury to the lower back and puts the labourer out of work.

    The labourer can claim compensation for the injuries suffered in a manual handling injury claim.

    Leg injury in a farm work accident claim

    Leg injury in a farm work accident is a manual handling injury for which you can claim compensation. When lifting, moving or shifting a heavy object, the legs often get injured.

    Injuries caused by dropping a heavy piece of machinery against your leg are deep lacerations and fractures. You may crush your leg or foot and do damage that keeps you off work and laid up at home. 

    Manual handling claims in farm accidents are for compensation for injuries and loss of income. 

    Leg, foot and toe injury claim

    Injury moving goods in a warehouse claim

    Injury moving goods in a warehouse is another very common manual handling injuries claim. In warehouses, pallets, boxes and containers are stored and moved about daily.

    An untrained warehouse worker can damage the back, arms and legs when moving goods in a warehouse. If the employer does not provide lifting training, equipment and assistance where needed, the worker will suffer an injury.

    You can claim compensation when you are injured moving goods in a warehouse.

    All manual handling claims look for compensation for the common injuries resulting from the manual handling accident.

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    Common injuries as a result of manual handling

    Common injuries as a result of manual handling range from spinal cord damage to broken arms and hernias. Lifting any object can damage you when you do so incorrectly or without lifting equipment. 

    You will have a manual handling claim when your injury is due to a lack of training, or your employer does not provide the correct equipment. 

    Common injuries in manual handling claims are: 

    You can make claim against an employer if you suffer injury in a manual handling accident.

    Can I lose my job for making a claim against an employer?

    No, you cannot lose your job for making a claim against an employer. Every employer has a duty of care to you, and must provide a safe working environment. You have a right to bring a claim for compensation if you suffer a personal injury at work.

    An employer cannot sack you for taking a personal injury claim, and if they do, it is seen as unfair dismissal. It is considered constructive dismissal if they make your work environment unwelcoming after you make a claim.

    It is the duty of the employer to create a safe working environment where manual handling related injuries do not happen.

    How much in damages can I claim in a personal injury claim?

    In a personal injury claim for manual handling injuries, you can claim damages ranging from a few thousand pounds to more than £10 million.

    How much compensation you can claim depends on the injuries suffered and financial effect of those injuries on your life.

    If someone else is responsible for your personal injury, you can claim compensation from their insurance company.

    Sample compensation amounts in a personal injury claim are as follows. Please note these are figures for the injuries only. Financial losses would apply in addition:

    • Facial scarring from £9,110 to £30,090
    • Moderate hip and pelvis injury from £12,590 to £39,170
    • Severe shoulder injury from £19,200 to £48,030
    • Moderate neck injury from £7,890 to £38,490
    • Severe back injury from £38,780 to £160,980
    • Traumatic chest injury from £65,740 to £100,670
    • Moderate brain injury from £43,060 to £219,070
    • Paraplegia from £219,070 to £284,260
    Compensation calculator

    (The figures given here are for General Damages amounts only. You will also receive compensation for any financial losses you suffer due to the personal injury. Figures taken from Judicial College Guidelines 16th Edition and are accurate as of April 2023.)

    There is not one fixed amount in personal injury claims. The circumstances differ from person to person and claim to claim, and the amount of compensation awarded will be tailored to the circumstances of your claim.  

    A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor can give you an idea of what to expect from their experience in compensation claims.

    What are you compensated for when claiming manual handling injury compensation?

    When injured in a manual handling claim in the workplace, you are entitled to 2 types of compensation:

    • General Damages
    • Specific Damages

    The amount you can claim for each, is completely depended on your case.

    The only way to get an accurate estimate of how much you are entitled to claim in a manual handling injury claim, is taking an injury assessment claim with the Personal Injury Team.

    Compensation for General Damages in manual handling claim

    General damages compensate you for PSLA, or the Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity.

    Injuries associated with manual handling, most commonly involve the lower back and can have a big impact on a person’s quality of life and last the remainder of their life.

    General damages compensated for the pain endured due to the lack of care of the employer to create a safe working environment, as well as the change in lifestyle due to injuries suffered.

    Compensation for Specific Damages in a manual handling claim

    Specific damages cover a persons out of pocket expenses due to injuries suffered in the workplace.

    Injuries suffered as a result of manual handling will most frequently result in the injured party no longer being able to participate in manual intensive activities. As a result, the injured party will be forced out of work for a short or long period of time with a possibility of never being able to go back to work.

    Other out of pocket expenses include the cost of recovery for the injury, covering both physical and mental recovery. Travel expenses for recovery is also included.

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    How to make a claim for a manual handling accident claim?

    To make a claim for personal injury compensation due to a manual handling injury, there are usually a few standard steps to follow.

    We will guide you through the entire process from first contact through to the conclusion of your claim.

    steps in making a personal injury claim

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