Office accident claims for compensation are when you are injured in the workplace, and it was not your fault. An office accident can cause serious injury and could affect you for life.

An office accident claim is for the damages due to you for the workplace injury. You might be able to claim workplace injury compensation if you have an office accident that was not your fault.

Your personal injury solicitor seeks to recover damages through a claims process. If you have been injured and your life impacted by an accident that was someone else’s fault, a claim for compensation seeks financial redress for your injuries and financial losses.

If you have been injured in an accident and it was not your fault, The Personal Injury Team No Win No Fee solicitors file your compensation claim and get you the money you deserve.

What is an office accident claim?

An office accident claim is when you seek compensation for the damages due to you from a workplace injury that was not your fault.

You may slip on a wet bathroom floor in an office accident or fall due to damaged or dangerous stairs. Repetitive strain injuries and manual handling injuries are the cause of many office accident claims.

An office accident injury could have you off work, facing expensive medical bills and even making adjustments to your home and car. You may seek compensation for the damages when the accident was not your fault.

Our No Win No Fee solicitors get your compensation for the costs and damages in an office accident claim.

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Common office accident claims

Office accidents occur daily all over the UK. All employers have a duty of care to their employees as well as visitors to the premises. When a breach of that duty of care leads to a workplace accident, you might have an office accident claim for damages.

Some of the most common types of office accident claims are:

  • Injury from a broken chair or desk
  • Injury from falling down the stairs
  • Injury from slipping on a wet floor
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Injury from falling objects
  • Back injury from heavy lifting
  • Injury from poorly installed office equipment

Injury from a broken chair or desk

An injury from a broken or defective chair or desk might happen in a poorly-maintained office. Your office chair may topple over, throwing you to the ground and injuring your back or causing other injuries. 

An old desk might collapse on your legs, causing soft tissue damage or scalding from a hot cup of coffee.

Injury from falling down the stairs

An Injury from falling down the stairs can happen when boxes and old equipment are left on the stairwell, tripping employees on their way up or down.

In older office buildings, the guard rail may break, causing severe injuries such as leg breaks and damage to your back.

Injury from slipping on a wet floor

Injury from slipping on a wet floor in the office kitchen or bathroom can put you off work for a time. Back strains, broken arms and wrists are common injuries from these types of office accidents.

Wet floors should be clearly signposted, and there should be suitable warnings of any wet floors or cleaning in progress.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are very common office accident claims. Continually typing on a keyboard without a break or other typical office jobs might cause a Repetitive Strain Injury.

The RSI is painful and could restrict your ability to exercise, drive and look after your children.

Poorly designed desks and work stations or inadequate working practices could lead to development of RSIs, and you might be able to claim compensation.

Injury from falling objects

Injury from falling objects, such as boxes not stored properly or shelving collapsing on you, can cause lacerations, muscle damage and other soft tissue damage. 

A correctly-run office will have plenty of safe and secure storage, which will not fall on employees.

Back injury from heavy lifting

Back injuries even in a normally sedentary office environment are not unusual. One might be asked to move a heavy piece of equipment such as a computer or office furniture.

Employers are required to provide manual handling training for such tasks, and whilst this is usually given to, for example, warehouse staff, it is rarely provided to an office worker. This can result in poor lifting technique that can easily cause an injury.

Injury from poorly installed office equipment

Injury from poorly installed office equipment includes electrocution, trips, falls and crushing. Every electrical device in the office should be installed by a recognised technician and not put office workers at risk of electric shock. There may also be a requirement for regular PAT testing.

Office equipment should be placed to minimise any chance of a trip or fall. A printer or photocopier may crush a finger or hand if installed incorrectly or if staff are not trained in its safe use.

Every office accident may do harm to employees or visitors. If you are injured in an office accident that was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation from your employer’s insurance.

How much can I claim in compensation for an office accident claim?

In an office accident claim, you can claim damages ranging from a few thousand pounds to more than £10 million. How much compensation you can claim depends on the injuries suffered and the financial effect of those injuries on your life.

If someone else is responsible for your office accident injury, you can claim compensation from their insurance company.

Sample compensation amounts in an office accident claim are as follows. Please note these are figures for the injuries only. Financial losses would apply in addition:

  • Facial scarring from £9,110 to £30,090
  • Moderate hip and pelvis injury from £12,590 to £39,170
  • Severe shoulder injury from £19,200 to £48,030
  • Moderate neck injury from £7,890 to £38,490
  • Severe back injury from £38,780 to £160,980
  • Traumatic chest injury from £65,740 to £100,670
  • Moderate brain injury from £43,060 to £219,070
  • Paraplegia from £219,070 to £284,260

(The figures given here are for General Damages amounts only. You will also receive compensation for any financial losses you suffer due to the personal injury. Figures are taken from Judicial College Guidelines 16th Edition and are accurate as of April 2023.)

Compensation calculator

There is not one fixed amount in personal injury claims. The circumstances differ from person to person and claim to claim, and the amount of compensation awarded will be tailored to the circumstances of your claim.  

Our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor will give you an idea of what to expect from their experience in office accident compensation claims.

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What type of compensation can you claim in an office injury claim?

When calculating the cost of an office accident claim, there are 2 types of damages that are compensated. When calculating the value of a claim, both these damages are added together.

  • General damages
  • Special damages

Compensation for General Damages in an office accident claim

General damages in an office accident claim, compensates for PSLA, or the Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity.

Any physical, mental injuries can be covered as well as any forced change in lifestyle.

To find out how much you can claim in compensation for general damages, speak with the Personal Injury Team today.

Compensation for Special Damages in an office accident claim

Special damages in an office accident claim, compensate for out of pocket expenses caused by the accident.

The cost of recovery for physical and mental damages are covered, as well the cost of travel to appointments

Find out how much you can claim for special damages today by speaking with the Personal Injury Team.

How to prove your office accident claim

To prove your office accident claim, you need to gather evidence for your No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor. With the right evidence, your solicitor may win the compensation due to you in the office accident claim.

Evidence to prove your office accident claim could be:

  • CCTV of the accident and the accident area
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Contact details of all eyewitnesses
  • Photographs of the accident scene at the time
  • Photographs of your injuries, if possible
  • Report the accident to the designated contact in the office
  • Getting medical attention to document the extent of your injury
  • A record of all costs related to the office accident

Evidence is a crucial part of every office accident claim. It will show a clear timeline of events and document the financial and physical effects of the office accident injury on your life.

Your No Win No Fee office accident solicitor will use the evidence as part of the compensation claim against your employer’s insurance policy.

How to prove your claim for personal injury compensation

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 protects workers from the causes of office accidents and injuries.

In the Health and Safety Act 1974, the responsibilities of employers towards their employees are outlined and guaranteed. The Act also covers how employees should behave in the workplace and how to provide a safe working environment.

The Health and Safety at Work Act ensures that all office workers:

  • Employers provide health and safety training to all workers
  • The workplace is a safe place for employees
  • The workplace is well-maintained
  • Business is carried out according to safe procedures
  • Employees are cared for properly in the workplace
  • Employees have access to safety information for their work
  • Employees are properly supervised by trained staff

All aspects of employer, employee and visitor safety and responsibilities are outlined in the Act. Your employer must make you aware of the Act and what it means for you in the workplace.

A breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act in the office could lead to an office accident injury, and you may claim compensation when injured, and it is not your fault.

Workplace injury compensation

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Can I make an office accident claim even if I am at fault?

Yes, you can make an office accident claim if you are at fault, but only if you are partly at fault. Split liability, also known as contributory negligence, allows you to claim compensation in cases where you are partly at fault for the accident.

Any personal injury claim must be made against someone at fault, whether they are partially or fully guilty of the negligence. If you are fully at fault for an injury, you cannot claim for personal injury.

If your actions led to your office accident, but your employer was also negligent in their duty of care, you might still claim compensation. There are always two sides to a personal injury case; you should get legal advice before deciding on your claim.

One of our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors will advise and guide you through your office accident claim.

Can I make a forklift injury claim even if I was at fault

Can I lose my job for a workplace injury claim?

In the UK it is illegal to fire someone for making a claim against an employer. In the event of being fired for making a claim against an employer, you are entitled to an unfair dismissal claim.

The average unfair dismissal claim in the UK in 2023 was £13,541.

The employer cannot threaten you with dismissal or not treat you the same as other employees in the future. Your employer should have Employee Liability Insurance in place to cover paying claims, and then they cannot claim paying your compensation is putting the company at financial risk.

They have a duty of care to all employees, including providing a safe working environment with full risk assessment.

Common injuries due to office accidents

Common injuries due to office accidents range from sprains and strains to neck and back damage. The injuries may be minor, moderate or severe, but if you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation for all damages involved.

Some common injuries due to office accidents are:

Repetitive strain injuries include sore wrists, elbows, and shoulders. The muscles and nerves could be damaged by doing the same task over and over again.

Soft tissue injuries include cuts, lacerations, burns, scalds, bruising, and bumps. The wound may scar you, cause frequent pain and be an embarrassment in public.

Back injuries such as herniated discs, muscle strain and nerve damage may come from sitting incorrectly without a break or moving heavy objects without training or suitable equipment.

Broken bones such as cracked ribs, fractures and broken limbs may happen from slipping on wet floors, falling down unprotected stairs or when hit by an object falling from a height.

Foot injuries like broken toes, snapped ankles, and severe cuts may happen in offices without good Health and Safety policies in place. The broken bone or deep cuts may come from falling objects or tripping on cluttered stairways.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the pinching of the median nerve running from the wrist to the elbow.

It is a specific RSI that often comes from work involving repetitive wrist movement and using certain tools in the office.

Hearing damage in the office may be the full or partial loss of hearing in one or both of your ears due to a noisy working environment. Tinnitus is a common office injury that may come from unsuitable office background noise.

Your office should operate at an acceptable decibel level for all employees.

Assault injury is not unusual in larger offices and companies. Employees may come to blows, and mediation and good work practices should intervene quickly. Facial injuries, cuts, lacerations, and broken bones come from assault injuries in the office.

An office accident injury might put you in line for an office accident claim. Our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors handle your office accident claim for the compensation you deserve.

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How to make an office accident claim for compensation?

If you have been injured in an office accident, the first step in making a compensation claim is to speak with a personal injury solicitor. 

Our team of workplace accident solicitors will help you secure the compensaiton your deserve with minimal stress for the injured party.

steps in making a personal injury claim

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