Our personal injury claim assessment will determine how much you can claim when you have been injured and it was not your fault.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of personal injury claims, all submissions are reviewed by a claim professional any information is shared with the client. All clients will be called promptly and receive a complimentary phone consultation with professional advice and guidance on their claim value and next steps.

You can claim compensation when you suffer a personal injury. The amount of compensation you can claim depends on the severity of the injury.

A compensation claim also includes the effect on your life from the personal injury. The amount of compensation could increase if the personal injury stops you from driving or you lose your job.

Every personal injury compensation calculator serves only as a guide to what may be awarded.

A No Win No Fee personal injury compensation solicitor will handle your case and advise you on what you can claim.

How is my claim calculated?

Your claim is calculated by looking at the damages from your personal injury. Every case is different, and your No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor takes this into account when calculating your claim.

In a personal injury claim, you claim compensation for General Damages and Specific Damages.  You can also claim compensation in a personal injury case for any damage to your property in the accident.

The amount of compensation awarded is a total of all the damages suffered due to an accident that was not your fault.

Compensation for General Damages

General damages are the claim you make for what is known as PSLA, or the Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity you experience directly from the personal injury. 

Pain is that coming from the injury  

Suffering is the discomfort in your life as a result of the injury 

Loss of Amenity is the disruption to your daily life, such as in walking, sitting and sleeping. 

Compensation for Special Damages

Special damages cover your loss of earnings, all future care costs, and any out-of-pocket expenses you will have due to the personal injury.

Loss of earnings is for income lost directly from being off work and any reduction in income expected from not being able to return to your current type of employment. 

Future care costs include the care needed to recover from the personal injury and any long-term care and treatment costs. 

Out-of-pocket expenses are for your medical appointments, travel and accommodation and any other costs incurred after the injury. 

Compensation for Damages to property

Damages to property in a personal injury compensation claim include damage to your car, bike, or motorcycle in a road traffic accident.

You can also claim for any property damaged in your car during the road traffic accident. Your mobile phone, laptop or even the weekly shopping may be destroyed in an accident that was not your fault.

Clothing can be damaged in a personal injury accident. The paramedics may need to cut your clothes off, or you could lose your shoes at the hospital.

If a domestic appliance, such as a washing machine, malfunctions causing a personal injury, you can claim compensation. In the compensation case, you also claim for replacing the washing machine and any damage done to your home by a water leak or fire. 

Compensation is awarded to cover all costs and losses, including loss of life, medical expenses and long-term care needs. You also claim for any property damage in a personal injury accident. 

You will need records such as payslips, all day-to-day receipts, and any other paperwork showing your losses from the personal injury.

A No Win No Fee solicitor takes your personal injury claim to win you the compensation you deserve. 

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Compensation amounts

Compensation amounts in a personal injury case differ from type of claim to type of claim. What is awarded in one case could be different than another, and there is no fixed amount in any type of claim.

Compensation amounts in personal injury cases are for:

  • Workplace injury claims

  • Road traffic accident injury claims
  • Accidents in public claims
  • Sports injury claims
  • Military injury claims

Workplace injury compensation

Workplace injury claims are for the personal injury you suffer while at your office or warehouse or when on the road for the company. 

If you suffer a personal injury when working for your employer, you will have a personal injury compensation claim.

Types of workplace personal injury compensation amounts are:

  • Falling from a ladder -£10,550
  • Manual handling injury – £38,000
  • Chemical burns – £77,000
Workplace injury compensation

Road traffic accident compensation

Road traffic accident injury claims are for the personal injuries suffered during a car, bus, or motorbike accident. If you are injured by a road vehicle while out walking, cycling, exercising or as a passenger in a car, you will have a road traffic accident claim.

Types of road traffic accident injury compensation amounts are:

  • Whiplash injury – £6,500
  • Knocked off your motorbike – £15,000
  • Multiple injuries in a cycling accident – £35,000
road traffic accident compensation

Accidents in public compensation

Accidents in public claims are for a personal injury while on public property. Many accidents in public come under the slips, trips and falls category, and claims are for the subsequent injuries

Types of accidents in public claims amounts are:

  • Trip over a tree root on a public footpath – £10,500
  • Slip on a wet surface in a supermarket – £14,700
  • A fall down unprotected stairs – £28,600
public liability claim

Sports injury compensation

Sports injury claims are for any injury you suffer while playing your favourite sport. It could be a broken arm while playing rugby, a back injury when falling from a horse or ligament damage when making a tackle on the football pitch.

Types of sports injury compensation claim amounts are for:

  • Injury while playing rugby – £15,000
  • Injury in equestrian sports – £22,000
  • Injury on the football pitch – £26,400

Military injury compensation

Military injury claims are for broken bones while on exercises, deafness from firing weapons and PTSD from active duty. Being in the military is an active occupation, but you can still suffer an injury that was not your fault.

Types of military injury compensation claim amounts are:

  • Injuries to the body – £11,500
  • Hearing loss – £24,900
  • Suffering PTSD – £38,000
Military injury claims are for injuries experienced while on duty

All claim amounts are intended as a guide to what you may receive in a personal injury claim against your employer, while out in public or when playing sport.

A personal injury compensation calculator will only give you an approximate amount in every case. You will have a body part injury in every injury type, and different amounts are awarded in every body part compensation claim.

Our Process

We make the claim process as simple and streamlined as possible, and that’s one of the reasons we’re maintain a 4.9 / 5 ★ rating from our customers!


The first step is to get in touch and tell us what went wrong. It’s free and easy. Call our 24-hour helpline: 0800 027 0370 or request a callback here.

Claim Evaluation

Once you have spoken with our team we’ll let you know how we can help. This will involve a thorough case review and understanding of the incident, financial damages and physical injuries.

Legal Letter

Once we are satisfied we have all the information we require and have a full understanding of your circumstances. We send a letter of claim to the negligent party outlining your claim and compensation requirements.

Types of body part claims

Types of body part claims go from facial scarring to losing a big toe and all areas in between where an injury happens. If you break a bone or lose a limb, you will have a body part claim, and you can get compensation for the injury.

Any body part injury will affect you and may impact how you live your life and earn a living. You claim compensation for the injuries and all costs of returning your life to normal.

Types of successful body part claims in compensation cases are:

  • Injuries to the head
  • Injuries to the spine and back
  • Injuries to the shoulder
  • Injuries to the arm
  • Injuries to the hand
  • Injuries to the leg
  • Injuries to the hip
  • Injuries to the foot
  • Injuries to the face
  • Chipped and broken teeth injuries
  • Skin injuries from burns, scarring and lacerations
  • Bone fractures and breaks

Injuries to the spine and back compensation

Injuries to the spine and back from car crashes, slips, falls and trips and other impact accidents happen every day. Whiplash, restricted movement and disability are long-term effects of injuries to the spine and back, and you can claim compensation.

A severe injury to the spine and back will leave you needing care for life and spending time in hospital.

Injuries to the spine and back claim amounts are:

  • Minor spine and back injury – £12,500
  • Moderate spine and back injury – £38,000
  • Serious spine and back injury – £160,000

Injuries to the shoulder compensation

Injuries to the shoulder, like torn nerves, a smashed shoulder blade and a damaged rotator cuff, allow you to claim compensation in a body part injury claim.

Lifting at work, a car accident or injury in slips, trips and falls result in shoulder injuries. 

Injuries to the shoulder claim amounts are:

  • Lifting at work shoulder injury – £3,000
  • Trip on a footpath shoulder injury – £11,000
  • Accident at work shoulder injury – £30,000

Injuries to the arm compensation

Injuries to the arm from the wrist to the upper arm happen at work, when out socialising or in traffic accidents. Slips, trips and falls result in arm injuries, and you can seek compensation for many types of arm injuries.

Tendon injuries, arm vibration syndrome, broken bones and repetitive strain injuries put you in line for compensation.

Compensation amounts for injuries to the arm:

  • Broken bone – £6,000
  • Severe break to a bone -£40,000
  • Amputated arm – £160,000
  • Both arms amputated – £300,000

Injuries to the hand compensation

Injuries to the hand from a traffic accident, workplace incidents, dog bites, or slips, trips and falls will keep you off work and cause a lot of pain.

Damaged nerves, broken bones, lacerations and amputation are seen in hand injury claims, and the compensation awarded reflects the impact on your life.

Compensation amounts for injuries to the hand:

  • Minor injuries such as dog bite or broken finger – £12,000
  • Crush injuries and impaired hand use – £29,000
  • Loss of fingers and use of the hand – £90,000
  • Amputation or complete loss of use in both hands – £200,000

Injuries to the leg compensation

Injuries to the leg happen in slips, trips and falls, car crashes, and every type of industrial accident. You may lose the use of one or both legs, have an awkward break or even suffer amputation in an incident.

A broken leg impacts your ability to move, work and exercise—losing a leg impacts your life with many adjustments needed to keep your independence.

Injuries to the leg compensation claims are:

  • Minor leg injuries like sprains – £11,000
  • Injuries to the leg with mobility issues – £27,000
  • Severe fractures with long-term needs – £135,000
  • Leg amputations – £280,000

Injuries to the hip compensation

Injuries to the hip, such as a broken pelvis, tears to the ligaments and muscles and dislocations come in car accidents, slips, trips and falls and workplace incidents.

You will suffer a lot of pain and discomfort after a hip injury. The hip joint may need replacing in time, and your ability to move around can be severely restricted.

You can seek compensation amounts in the region of:

  • Soft tissue hip injuries – £3,500
  • Hip injury without long-term disability – £39,000
  • Serious injury impacting walking and standing – £52,000
  • Severe hip injury requiring ongoing surgeries – £130,000

Injuries to the face compensation

Injuries to the face from an accident at work, a fall at school, or a trip in the shopping centre can leave you disfigured for life with eyesight and eating problems too.

A deep scar from a cut or burn will impact your life or that of a child. Pain, discomfort and embarrassment are long-term complications.

Injuries to the face result in compensation payouts of:

  • Minor facial scarring – £3,500
  • Moderate scarring, visible up close – £13,00
  • Scarring from a burn and visible from a distance – £48,000
  • Very severe facial scarring – £90,000

Chipped and broken teeth injuries compensation

Chipped and broken teeth injuries in slips, trips and falls, as well as workplace and other accidents, will need ongoing treatment and may affect you for life.

You can chip or break a tooth when falling over an exposed tree root or rubbish left out in the open. A broken tooth from falling off a ladder at work or being hit from behind at a busy junction is not unusual.

Claim amounts for chipped and broken teeth:

  • A broken back tooth – £1,700
  • Front tooth chipped or broken – £3,500
  • More than one broken front tooth – £11,000
  • Broken and chipped teeth with severe pain – £38,000

Skin injuries from burns, scalding and lacerations compensation

Skin injuries from burns, scalding and lacerations happen in restaurants, at work or school and in slips, trips and falls. 

The waiter may spill hot coffee on your arms and legs. A gas explosion will burn your face and body, and cuts from a trip on an uneven path will leave you in pain and needing medical care.

Compensation claim amounts for skin injuries:

  • Single scar on your body – £7,000
  • Larger scars on the arms and legs – £22,000
  • Severe facial scarring – £97,00
  • Burn injuries to over 40% of the body – £104,500

Bone fractures and breaks compensation

Bone fractures and breaks such as a rib, finger or wrist  will put you out of action for a time. Your ability to get around, care for yourself and travel to work may be restricted, and you could be in a lot of pain.

A slip, trip and fall will snap a finger or your scaphoid. A heavy object falling on your feet could break a toe, and fractures from playing sports and exercising happen all the time.

Compensation awarded for bone fractures and breaks is:

  • Broken ribs with a short recovery time – £3,500
  • A broken wrist – £10,000
  • Severe break in the foot – £70,000

You can claim compensation if you are injured in an accident, and it is not your fault. Any body part injury claim will cover your pain, suffering, and loss of earnings.

A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor will fight your compensation claim for a body part injury.

A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor

A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor is your only choice when making a compensation claim. The No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor fights your case and does not take a fee if you do not win. 

Legal fees can be crippling to a personal injury case, and if you lose, you could be left with a large bill to pay. A No Win No Fee solicitor only charges you for winning the case, and you can agree to all the terms before the claim begins. 

Some solicitors only take on a personal injury claim to earn extra money from you, regardless of the outcome. You should avoid a solicitor who does not have the experience and sole focus on personal injury cases. 

Your No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor will guide you through the legal process and explain the steps in making a personal injury claim. 

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What are the steps in making a personal injury claim?

The steps in making a personal injury claim for compensation are easy to follow and lead to a successful claim. 

There is a reason for every step along the way, and if you follow all the steps in a personal injury claim, you will get the compensation you deserve.

The good news is that when your personal injury solicitor follows the steps, so will the defendant’s solicitor, and they can negotiate a settlement at any stage in the process.  

See a doctor to discuss your injury and how it affects your life. If the doctor believes you need further investigation, they will send you to a consultant with experience in your type of personal injury.

Only by seeing a doctor and getting their opinion will you get an idea of the severity of your personal injury, the recovery time and how it will impact your life.

Meet with a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. A personal injury solicitor can look at your case and see the extent of your injuries and how they will form a personal injury compensation claim.

Only a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor will have the experience and the team to handle your claim. They will know what your claim may be worth and how to get the best results for you.

The solicitor gets your medical records, with your permission, to evaluate your claim. A trained and experienced personal injury solicitor will quickly know from reading your medical records the extent of your injury and how to proceed.

If they confirm you have a valid personal injury compensation claim, they will discuss the next step in the process with you.

Your personal injury solicitor sends a letter of claim to the negligent party in the next step of the case. A letter of claim will outline your case in legal terms and request that the negligent party admits liability.

The time allowed for the negligent party to reply with a written response is four months.

Getting the response from the negligent party informs your personal injury solicitor how the case is likely to go and is usually the penultimate step in the process.

The negligent party can choose to either admit liability in the case or state that they intend to defend the case as outlined in the letter of claim. When the negligent party decides to defend the case, it is known as ‘deny liability’ in legal terms.

If the negligent party admits liability, which often happens, the next part of the process involves the two sides meeting. During the meeting, the case will be outlined, and a decision made on the amount of personal injury compensation due to you.

At this stage, your solicitor will handle the meeting and advise you on what is on offer and what level of compensation to accept.

Going to court will be the next step if the negligent party does not accept responsibility. When they deny liability for your personal injury, your solicitor will have no option but to issue court proceedings.

The option of going to court will follow, too, if the negligent party admits liability but refuses to pay a fair amount to you in compensation. Issuing court proceedings is handled by your solicitor.

Very few personal injury cases make it to court, and your solicitor will advise you through the process from start to finish.

steps in making a personal injury claim

How long do I have to make a claim for personal injury compensation?

You have three years to make a claim for personal injury compensation. The three years begin from when you suffered the personal injury or from when it was diagnosed.

Personal injury compensation claims must generally be brought and court proceedings issued within three years of the injury or three years of the diagnosis.

For children, the time limit only begins when they turn 18 or three years from when they are diagnosed after turning 18. Parents or guardians can start a personal injury claim for children under the age of 18.

If a loved one has passed away, the family can start a personal injury compensation claim within three years of the date of death. The three-year limit for a person who passes away only begins from the diagnosis of the personal injury.

There is no time limit for personal injury claims for those who have a disability. 

Find out how much you can claim for today

Find out how much you can claim for today by using our personal injury calculator. It will give you a good idea of what you can claim for and what compensation to expect.

Compensation calculator amounts are guidelines on what to expect from your personal injury claim. Our personal injury solicitors judge from experience and advise you using our expertise and keen eye for detail.

Our team of No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors can take your case and win you the compensation you deserve. We have the experience to handle your claim for personal injury compensation and see it through to a successful conclusion.

When you suffer a personal injury, the effects on your life can be devastating. If the personal injury is not your fault, it can make the situation feel even worse.

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