A farm injury claim for compensation seeks damages for the personal injury and financial losses you suffer after a farming accident. You might have a farm accident claim if you are injured while on a farm, and it is not your fault. 

There are many types of farm accident claims, as a farmyard can be a dangerous place. You may be working or visiting a farm, but if you get injured in an agricultural accident, and it is not your fault, you could make a claim for damages.

Your personal injury solicitor seeks to recover damages through a claims process. If you have been injured, and your life impacted by an accident that was someone else’s fault, a claim for compensation seeks financial redress for your injuries and financial losses.

If you have been injured in an accident and it was not your fault, The Personal Injury Team No Win No Fee solicitors will file your compensation claim to seek the money you deserve.

Farm accident personal injury claims

What is a farm accident claim?

A farm accident claim is a legal process to get payment to cover the costs of your injury and the financial effects on your life. A farm injury will not just cost you in terms of medical bills but in terms of time off work, difficulty in paying bills and even in making adjustments to your car and home. 

You may recover from a farm accident injury in a few months but still incur costs to put you in debt. In other cases, your farm injury could cause you to give up work and make dramatic changes to your life. 

In every case, you may have a farming accident claim for compensation to cover the costs and damages from the injury. 

No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors have the experience to claim compensation for all damages.

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Common farm accident claims

Common farm accident claims are the ones seen every day on farms all over the country. You can fall from a height, get hit by a tractor or slip on a poorly kept yard. 

Farm employers often use staff to do work on the farm which should be done by qualified personnel. Many farm accidents result from untrained employees being asked to do skilled work in unsafe conditions. 

Whatever the agricultural accident, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. 

Some of the common farm accident compensation claims are:

  • Falling from a height accident claim
  • Injury from dangerous machinery claim
  • Lack of personal protective equipment claim
  • Needle stick injury claim
  • Lifting and manual handling claim
  • Public liability claims
  • Workplace injury claim
  • PTO accident claim
  • Negligence at work claim
  • Injury from a falling object claim

Falling from a height accident claim

A falling from a height accident claim is often seen on a farm. An employee goes up a faulty ladder to fix a leaky roof and falls to the ground breaking both legs. Another common farm injury is falling from high-stacked hay bales and breaking an arm. 

All work-at-height jobs on a farm should be properly supervised with the correct equipment, training, and scaffolding if necessary.

Injury from dangerous machinery claim

An injury from dangerous machinery claim covers the severe side of negligence by a farm employer. Every farmyard has dangerous machinery which can do serious injury if used by untrained employees. 

The combine harvester, hedge cutter and front loader can kill or seriously injure an employee or visitor. 

Employers should take every care with dangerous machinery and ensure staff are fully trained in their use.

Lack of personal protective equipment claim

A lack of Personal Protective Equipment claim is a very simple example of an employer’s lack of duty of care to the worker. Standard gloves, masks, and clothing PPE should be available to all staff working on a farm. 

Not wearing a mask and gloves when dealing with dangerous chemicals can burn the skin and eyes. Farmer’s Lung, a disease from inhaling dust particles, is easily preventable by wearing a quality face mask. 

By not providing suitable PPE, a farm employer could be guilty of negligence, and you might be able to make a claim for farm injury compensation.

Needle stick injury claim

A needle stick injury claim is when a discarded needle or other sharp instrument pierces the skin. 

A used syringe needle should be capped and disposed of in a sharps bin. The same is true of suture needles and scalpels. If you pierce a finger with a needle or scalpel, you are vulnerable to blood poisoning and other infections. 

The wait before getting test results can be harrowing and cause a lot of stress.

Lifting and manual handling claim

A lifting and manual handling claim is when farm workers hurt their back moving heavy objects on the farm. Every farmyard has fertilizer bags, bales of hay, animal feed and machinery that is moved every day by staff. 

When the employer does not provide lifting equipment and training, they may be negligent in their duty of care to farm hands. 

Torn ligaments, damaged muscles, and herniated discs are seen in lifting and manual handling claims, and you might be due compensation.

Public liability claims

Public liability claims for slips, trips, and falls by visitors to the farm area are common farm accident claims. The walker may fall on an uneven path, or the vet may slip on an unclean yard when treating the farm animals.

Leg breaks, arm injuries, strains, and sprains may result from slips, trips and falls, and a public liability claim seeks compensation for injury and damages.

Workplace injury claim

A workplace injury claim for compensation for a farm injury highlights that a farm is a working area and the employers must take all care to ensure a safe workplace. 

Cuts, repetitive strains and serious injury form part of any possible workplace injury claim. 

You might have a workplace injury claim when the employer is negligent in providing a safe working environment.

PTO accident claim

A PTO accident claim is when the Power Take-Off shaft is left unguarded and injures a worker. The PTO rotates at high speed, and injuries range from amputation to disfigurement. 

The PTO shaft must be fitted with a guard to prevent clothes and hands from becoming entangled in the rotating metal. A PTO injury happens in seconds but will be with you for life. 

The guard must be fitted even when not in use, and all staff should be fully trained in preventing a PTO accident.

Negligence at work claim

A negligence at work claim covers all the dangerous practices and procedures seen on farms which can lead to serious, life-changing injury. 

Unsafe handling of farm animals, poor training in using farm machinery and incorrect use of dangerous chemicals all come up time and again in negligence at work claims. 

A farm is a place of work with dangerous machinery and animals, and employees are always at risk. 

Farm owners owe employees a duty of care and should not be negligent in providing training and protection.

Injury from a falling object claim

Injury from a falling object claim can happen from the incorrect storage of the likes of grain, animal feed and farm equipment. 

Any object falling from a height might do severe damage if it hits an employee or visitor to the yard. Brain, neck, and spinal damage are common injuries in this type of farm accident claim.

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Common farm injury claims

The common farm injury claims are for the leg breaks, back strain and arm injuries seen in many workplaces.

A farm is a dangerous workplace with many hazards, and common injuries make up the list of farm accidents.

Common farm injury claims are:

A farm injury could be due to negligence on behalf of the employer. You might be able to claim compensation for an employer’s lack of duty of care to win damages for your losses.

Duty of care of an employer

An employer has a duty of care to employees as stated in Health and Safety Act 1974. The act outlines how an employer must provide a safe working environment for an employee regardless of where they work.

The Health and Safety Act brought farms and such areas into the definition of a workplace, and farm owners have a duty of care to employees who work for them.

The six main points of the act show how a farm owner should:

  • Provide a safe working area
  • Provide personal protective equipment, PPE
  • Provide full training in procedures and machinery
  • Outline risks to employees
  • Provide safe eating areas and facilities
  • Appoint a fully trained safety person

The farm owner must provide a safe working environment for employees according to the Health and Safety Executive. 

It may be employer negligence if you are injured due to a breach of the act, and you could claim farming accident compensation for the damages.

Workplace injury compensation

Farm accident claim compensation

Farm accident claim compensation may be awarded for an injury on a farm that was not your fault. There are many types of farm accidents and injuries, and you might be able to claim compensation when one happens to you. 

You could claim amounts from the low £10,000s to figures above the £1 million mark, depending on the severity of the injury and the financial losses involved.

Sample compensation amounts in a personal injury claim for a farming accident are as follows. Please note these are figures for the injuries only. Financial losses would apply in addition:

  • Facial scarring from £9,110 to £30,090
  • Moderate hip and pelvis injury from £12,590 to £39,170
  • Severe shoulder injury from £19,200 to £48,030
  • Moderate neck injury from £7,890 to £38,490
  • Severe back injury from £38,780 to £160,980
  • Lung cancer from £70,030 to £97,330
  • Traumatic chest injury from £65,740 to £100,670
  • Mesothelioma, cancer from asbestos, from £63,650 to £114,460
  • Moderate brain injury from £43,060 to £219,070
  • Paraplegia from £219,070 to £284,260

(The figures given here are for General Damages amounts only. You will also receive compensation for any financial losses you suffer due to the personal injury. Figures are taken from Judicial College Guidelines 16th Edition and are accurate as of April 2023.)

Workplace injury compensation

There is not one fixed amount in personal injury claims. The circumstances differ from person to person and claim to claim, and the amount of compensation awarded will be tailored to the circumstances of your claim. 

A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor can give you an idea of what to expect from their experience in compensation claims.

Types of Farm accident compensation

When making a farm accident claim, there are 2 types of compensation considered when determining the full amount.

  • General damages
  • Specific damages

To get an accurate estimate on how much you can claim for your workplace accident claim, Speak with The Personal Injury Team to get a FREE case assessment with a No Win No Fee Solicitor.

Compensation for General Damages for Farm accident claims

General damages cover PSLA, or Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity for farm accident claims.

A farm can be a high risk environment with injuries causing severe pain and suffering with life changing consequences.

General damages is compensation for the pain suffered and the ongoing lifestyle changes required due to injury.

Compensation for specific damages for farm accident claims

Specific damages cover the out of pocket expenses as a result of a farm accident claim.

In the event of an injury on a farm, medical attention is almost always required with the potential of ongoing medical treatment also being required. Specific damages will cover all medical expenses as a result of the workplace injury.

Specific damages will also cover any loss of wages due to a farm accident leaving you out of work.

Who pays for the compensation in a farm accident claim?

The insurance company of the farm owner, if they have it, usually pays the compensation in a farm accident claim. The farm owner should have insurance in place to cover all farming accident claims and injury on a farm. 

A farm is a workplace, and it is also open to visitors. A farm is a dangerous place, and the cost of farming accident claims can be very high. 

You should always ask your employer about their insurance and your cover in case of a farming accident.

Are you eligible for compensation?

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Can I lose my job for a workplace injury claim?

If you suffer a farm accident, you are fully within your rights to make a workplace injury claim against your employer.

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 and the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 your employer would be breaking the law by firing you over a workplace injury claim and would entitle you to make a claim for unfair dismissal.

How to prove a farming injury claim?

You prove a farming injury claim by providing accurate evidence to support it. In some cases of serious injury, you may not be able to gather evidence on the day, but you can do at a later date. 

To gather evidence to support a farm injury claim, you should:

  • Get photographs of the accident area
  • Get details of witnesses
  • Get any phone camera or CCTV coverage of the accident
  • Get your injuries assessed by a doctor
  • Report the accident to the farm owner or your immediate boss
  • Save photographs of your injuries

Evidence can form a key part of your farming accident claim and may even speed the process for your personal injury solicitor when seeking compensation.

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