Car accident claims for injuries in a road traffic accident could include whiplash, broken bones, amputation, spinal, brain, or other life changing injury. 

In a car accident compensation claim you claim for the personal injury, and past or future financial losses and the broader impact on your life. 

You are entitled to personal injury claim compensation whether as a passenger in the family car, driving your own car and even taking a taxi. Injuries claimed for can include breaks, cuts, bruising, scarring, anxiety or psychological trauma and, tragically, death. 

Your personal injury solicitor seeks to recover damages through a claims process. If you have been injured, and your life impacted by an accident that was someone else’s fault, a claim for compensation seeks financial redress for your injuries and financial losses.

If you have been injured in a car accident and it was not your fault, The Personal Injury Team No Win No Fee solicitors will file your compensation claim and get you the money you deserve.

Car Accident Claims

What is a car accident claim?

A car accident claim is a claim for compensation after suffering a personal injury in a road traffic accident. You bring a claim against the car’s owner, driver or insurer to get compensation for the car accident injuries you suffer.

If you are involved in a car traffic accident, you could be out of work for a while and suffer pain and discomfort. You may be the passenger, driver or in a taxi or other vehicle, but you can claim compensation if the road traffic accident is not your fault or only partially your fault.

No Win No Fee car accident claims solicitors know the process and how much compensation to seek in any car accident claim.

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Common car accident claims

Common car accident claims are injuries from road traffic accidents that happen all the time but have a huge effect on your life when they happen to you. 

The common types of car accident claims are: 

  • Limb amputation claims
  • Ruptured spleen claims
  • Facial or bodily scarring claims
  • PTSD or other psychological injury claims after a car accident
  • Soft tissue damage to neck, shoulder or elsewhere

Broken leg claims

Broken leg claims in car accident compensation cases are often for a broken fibula or tibia. Car accidents can be high-speed impacts, and a leg break will take time to heal.

You can claim for the impact on your life of being on crutches and in pain from having your leg broken in a car accident. In high-speed accidents it is not uncommon for a victim to break both legs. This can obviously lead to greatly increased disability and restriction. It can require the injured person to have a wheelchair, and significant care needs.

Leg, foot and toe injury claim

Broken arm claims

Broken arm claims in a car accident that was not your fault or was partly your fault are for any bones broken from the shoulder to the wrist. It is easy to break your arm in a car accident, but it may take months to recover fully.

A common injury suffered by a driver is a broken wrist from gripping the steering wheel at the moment of impact. The force of the collision can travel through the car, up through the steering column, into the steering wheel and force it back towards the driver.

You can claim for the disruption to your life of being incapacitated by the broken arm and for the suffering and financial impact caused by the break.

Limb amputation claims

Limb amputation claims for the loss of an arm or leg in a car accident claim. Amputations may be full or partial. You may lose the limb during the car accident (known as a traumatic amputation) or when doctors must remove it for recovery, either because the damage suffered was so extensive that the limb was not viable, or as a life-saving emergency. 

You claim for losing the limb or part of one and its impact on your home, work, and day-to-day life. Such claims are typically very high value and can often be worth many millions of pounds. 

Beyond the compensation for the injuries themselves, your expert car accident solicitors will also take into account, for example the cost of lifelong provision of prosthetics, aids and equipment, care, housing adaptations and a myriad of other factors.   

Ruptured spleen claims

Ruptured spleen claims are for the damage caused by the traumatic injury, and often caused by impact with the steering wheel or from damage caused by a seat belt Such injury is often accompanied with broken ribs, which in turn can also cause a punctured lung. 

The impact of a car hitting a wall, an object such as a tree, or another vehicle at speed can be catastrophic for your body, and a ruptured spleen is not unusual. 

A ruptured spleen is a medical emergency and the claim is for the immediate threat to your life and the need for ongoing treatment, any surgery, and medical care. 

Facial scarring claims

Facial scarring claims for the visual impact (known as cosmetic defect) of unsightly scars on your face and is often a feature after car accidents. Broken glass and sharp pieces of metal or other parts of the car or objects inside it can lacerate your face, or other parts of your body, leaving you needing deep stitches and sometimes even plastic surgery or skin grafting. 

You claim for the impact of the facial scarring on your life and the long-term needs for plastic surgery and other medical or cosmetic treatment. 

PTSD claims after a car accident

PTSD claims after a car accident compensate you for the psychological trauma, that often accompany physical injuries also. You may need treatment for the fear and anxiety caused by the road traffic incident. You may be scared to go back driving, or be too anxious to get back in a car and may need therapy, CBT, or other treatment.

You claim for the mental trauma of a car accident and the therapy and treatment you will need to get your life back together. 

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Soft tissue damage

Soft tissue damage claims can be made when you suffer injury and damage to your muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues. You may need to make a claim for the costs of medical treatment and even surgery.

The pain of soft tissue damage can be crippling and may put your life on hold for some time. 

You claim for the upset to your life, work and family time caused by soft tissue damage and the costs of putting it right again. 

Injuries to the toes and fingers

Injuries to the toes and fingers cover cuts, bruises, breaks and even the loss of a digit and the impact it has on your life. A broken finger can stop you from working; a snapped toe from a car accident will take time to heal. 

You claim for the pain caused and for the loss of mobility due to the injury to toes and fingers in a car accident. 

Injuries to the back

Injuries to the back in a car accident claim cover anything from minor soft tissue damage to your neck and shoulder, right though to traumatic spinal cord injury. Even at a low speed, a car accident can cause damage to your back which may be severe. 

Although cars now are safer than they have ever been, higher speed impacts, multi-vehicle collisions, and cars rolling over can result in life changing spinal cord injury that could leave the victim with paralysis for life. 

Such claims should only be handled by expert compensation specialists with vast experience of dealing with such cases. They are worth many millions of pounds and will require a great deal of strategic planning to maximise your award.     

You claim for the medical costs of dealing with the injuries to the back. You also claim for the long-term care needs and physiotherapy or spinal cord rehabilitation and potentially alterations to your home and car. 

Back injury compensation claim

Brain damage claims

Brain damage claims are for Traumatic Brain Injury, (TBI), caused by a bang to the head in a car accident. The sudden jolt in a high-speed car accident can also cause a TBI. 

Head injury is typically caused when the skull collides with the inside of the car but can also be caused from unrestrained items within the car during a collision, of even a collision with other occupants of the car, especially when in the rear seats. 

A brain damage claim can be mild to life changing. It requires expert advice and representation to ensure the injuries are fully investigated, so that the medical care and, if needed, lifetime of care needs to cope with the brain injury are included.  

In a severe brain injury claim, the injured party might lack mental capacity. In such cases, we can, where needed, involve the Court of Protection to ensure the injured claimant’s interests are being protected.  

Head and brain injury claim

Tooth damage claims

Tooth damage claims for broken, chipped and lost teeth cover the costs of dental care and the trauma of the car accident. It is easy to lose a tooth, but you may live with the pain and discomfort for life.

Dental treatment can be very expensive. A missing tooth for example may require an implant that will cost several thousands of pounds and need to be replaced in years to come.  

In a tooth damage claim, you look for compensation for the impact on your dental health and paying for long-term dental treatment if needed. 

Tooth damage claims

Loss of life claims

Tragically, loss of life claims can result from car accidents. When a loved one loses their life, the family is left behind to pick up the pieces. Replacing the loved one is impossible, but you can at least lessen the financial burden by claiming for the financial impact.

Known as a Fatal Accident claim, you may be able to claim in a loss of life in a car accident case for the loss of financial dependency on the deceased. You also claim for the trauma and financial impact of missing what a loved one brings to the family in terms of care and income.

In some cases, one may claim a Statutory Bereavement award, and additionally one might be able to claim for general damages (pain and suffering) of the deceased, as well as funeral expenses.

Loss of life claims

Whiplash claims

Whiplash claims are the most common type of injury in car accident compensation cases. You can suffer Whiplash driving a car and as a passenger in the front or the back of the vehicle. 

Most whiplash injuries happen when the car is going slowly, sometimes at less than 20 MPH. A Whiplash injury occurs when the car is hit by another one or crashes into a fixed object like a tree, wall or parked car. 

Whiplash is caused by the sudden jolt or jerk impact on the ligaments of your neck. Your head whips back and forth at speed in the car accident, spraining the ligaments and soft tissues of your neck, shoulders and upper back. Whiplash can be is very painful and difficult to treat. Generally, the more quickly the symptoms manifest, the more severe the whiplash.  

Although rare, you could suffer the effects of Whiplash for life and this can occasionally become a chronic condition. Whiplash restricts the movement of your neck and can affect your ability to raise your arm and shoulder, while other symptoms of Whiplash can include headaches, dizziness and severe pain. 

A Whiplash injury can limit your life, and your car accident solicitors could make a claim against those responsible. 

It is little known that there was a dramatic change in the law which came into effect for most whiplash type injuries suffered in a car accident from 31.5.2021. Such injuries are now usually dealt with on a fixed tariff system.   

whiplash claim

How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

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Who is responsible for a car accident claim?

The driver of the car that hits your car is responsible for a car accident claim. It may also be the driver of the car you are in if they do not maintain it properly or are driving dangerously or recklessly. 

Serious injury and disability can result from car accidents, but you can claim compensation for any injuries from the negligent party. In all car accident cases, we will investigate and give an opinion on who is responsible for the road traffic accident injuries and advise you whether you can make a claim.

It may not be easy to decide who is responsible in a car accident claim, but your No Win No Fee road traffic accident solicitor will identify the negligent party. 

Your legal team will advise you on the claims process when involved in a car accident and how much compensation you may be able to claim. 

How much in damages can I claim in a personal injury claim?

In a personal injury claim, you can claim damages ranging from a few thousand pounds to more than £10 million. How much compensation you can claim depends on the injuries suffered and financial effect of those injuries on your life. 

If someone else is responsible for your personal injury, you can claim compensation from their insurance company.

Sample compensation amounts in a personal injury claim are as follows. Please note these are figures for the injuries only. Financial losses would apply in addition:

  • Facial scarring from £9,110 to £30,090
  • Moderate hip and pelvis injury from £12,590 to £39,170
  • Severe shoulder injury from £19,200 to £48,030
  • Moderate neck injury from £7,890 to £38,490
  • Severe back injury from £38,780 to £160,980
  • Traumatic chest injury from £65,740 to £100,670
  • Moderate brain injury from £43,060 to £219,070
  • Paraplegia from £219,070 to £284,260
Compensation calculator

(The figures given here are for General Damages amounts only. You will also receive compensation for any financial losses you suffer due to the personal injury. Figures taken from Judicial College Guidelines 16th Edition and are accurate as of April 2023.)

There is not one fixed amount in personal injury claims. The circumstances differ from person to person and claim to claim, and the amount of compensation awarded will be tailored to the circumstances of your claim.  

A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor can give you an idea of what to expect from their experience in compensation claims.

What can you claim for compensation in a personal injury claim?

In the event of a car accident claim, you are entitled to compensation for:

  • General damages
  • Special damages

To find out how much you are entitled to claim for speak with the Personal Injury Team for a FREE claim assessment.

General Damages

In the event of a car accident, you are entitled to claim compensation for general damages.

General damages refers to PSLA, or the Pain, Suffering and Loss of Amenity.

Car accidents can be very serious and cause severe pain and suffering, and fatalities in some cases. Claiming for general damages will pay out as compensation for exposure to suffering.

You are also compensated for life altering effects, such as the ability to walk, move, or not being able to participate in activities that you had previously done.

To find out how much you can claim in compensation for general damages, speak with the Personal Injury Team Today.

Special Damages

In the event of a car accident, you are entitled to claim compensation for special damages.

Special damages compensate you for out of pocket expenses caused by your car accident. This can include medical bills, cost of treatment, cost of medication, loss of wages, therapy, damages to personal property.

A common payout for special damages, in a car accident claim would be damages to the car itself.

To find out how much you can claim in special damages, speak with the personal injury team today.

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Who pays for the compensation in a car accident claim?

The insurance company of the responsible party pays for the compensation in a car accident claim. When the driver of the car that hits you is responsible, their insurance company takes on the claim and pays the compensation. 

In the case that the driver of the car you are a passenger in is responsible for the car accident then their insurance company will pay the car accident compensation.  

All drivers must have car insurance under UK law, and the driver takes it out to cover them in case of a car accident and to pay the compensation costs. 

What happens if I am hit by an uninsured driver?

You claim compensation from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau if you are hit by an uninsured driver in a car accident. Every car insurance company in the UK contributes to the MIB to fund claims against uninsured drivers. 

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau will also handle your car accident compensation claim if you are injured in a hit-and-run accident. 

Your No Win No Fee car accident solicitors will have the experience necessary to deal with the MIB and to get you the compensation you deserve in your case. 

How to make a car injury compensation claim?

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, you may be entitled to make compensation for damages. To make a claim, speak with the Personal Injury Team who’s team of Personal Injury Solicitors can help guide you through the claims process.

Speak with us today and find out how much you can get form your no win no fee compensation claim.

steps in making a personal injury claim

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