What happened:

Our client, a 32 year old male, was knocked off his bicycle on a roundabout. 

He sustained a fractured wrist and a number of soft tissue injuries to his shoulder, leg and face.

What went wrong:

The accident was caused by the driver of the car simply not seeing our client. Liability was admitted for the accident after we intimated the claim. 

Impact on client:

The client was a keen fitness fanatic who took part in Ironman events. His supreme fitness and single minded determination resulted in a swift recovery. This was helped by intensive physiotherapy arranged by us and paid for by the insurance company. Nevertheless, the client missed the best part of a year of competition. 

We also had to arrange a specialist valuation of this competition bike. The carbon fibre frame was damaged in the collision so needed replacing at a cost of some £7,000.00.

Legal outcome:

For once, the insurance company were cooperative and made an early interim payment to cover the cost of replacing the bike and other associated expenses, and paid for the rehabilitation treatment. Settlement was reached after some negotiation and without the need for Court proceedings at £32,000.00.